Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sunroom renovation Part 1

Like many first time homeowners, we have many lofty renovation plans, and not the slightest idea how to execute any of them or what on earth to expect in terms of timelines and expectations.  We have been advised by many to be patient and take things one room at a time, so naturally we have already started projects in almost every room, and hoped to finish the sunroom (a quick project, after all) in one day. hee.

The first real snag of our process came rather quickly. We had dreams of ripping down the fabric hanging from the sun room roof...

spackeling the holes in the wall, painting over the spackeled holes, and having the room finished today. Not even close.

First, the holes in the room. The gentleman who owned the home before us had used the sun room as a storage place for hats. By that I mean he had screwed hooks into the walls to hang his hats. Lots and 
lots of hats.
 I (Drake) had to putty in the holes for a good 30-45 minutes.

Next, the ceiling. I went to pull down the fabric, figuring it would come down and a few fasteners would have to be removed. Wrong. Instead, the fasteners were under some moulding and would not come out cleanly.

After looking closer, it became apparent that the moulding was not not even around the room, and in fact in some places it was 2 x4s. So, I decided to take it all down, but the process took quite a while. And I stepped on a nail. Ouch.

After removing the moulding/ 2x4s and the fabric, I looked at the ceiling and decided to cover it with dry wall. The wooden ceiling could be repaired, but just putting up some simple dry wall would give us a better surface for our orange accent ceiling(!) After thinking about all that was left to do for the day, I decided it was better to leave that one for the future and some helpers.

As a bit of a preview, here's the inspiration for the orange ceiling

We've chosen Behr "Aurora Orange" for the ceiling, and will paint the rest of the walls crisp white.  As for furniture....  we're keeping our eyes peeled. Any suggestions?

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