Saturday, November 27, 2010

I upholstered a rocking chair

There I've posted it.  No time to actually type about it, but here are pics!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Weekend Project: Sunroom

The sunroom is/was one of the most enchanting spaces in our house.  You may remember these pictures from our final walk-through with the realtor:

The former owner had made it a "hat room."  I thought it was very cool, and in a way very Victorian, to have your collections on grand display. 

For months now, it's just been a holding pen of things that Rowan has outgrown.  Not any more!
Do you remember that the ceiling was covered in fabric (that was torn?)

Well, we took it in a TOTALLY different direction....
First we caulked.

Then applied the first coat.  Are you scared?

 After the first coat was paused and thought... "too much?"  Then we went ahead and applied the second coat.  We decided we had to just commit to it, move the furniture in and live with it through the winter.  If the orange proves to be too much, why we'll just repaint.  We also whitewashed the walls, so everything is fresh and glowing (literally.  When your ceiling is orange, everything glows.)

So here are some peeks.  I need a different lens to give you a better sense of the room, but in the meanwhile:
The entrance.  I'd like to get a sheepskin throw for that chair.  Wouldn't that be cozy?

The Webster's alphabet cards line the window rail.  They were supposed to go in Rowan's room, but they've ended up belonging here instead.  Some of the drawings are just wonderful.  Very fun to have turn of the century curiosities staring down at you.  And I don't think they look very "child"-ish, do you?

Our new-to-us yellow velvet button tufted couch and carved game table (the built in cribbage sealed the deal)

Gives a *slightly* better sense of the couch

We bought that mini door when we were singing in Brazil.  It's been under the stairs waiting for a home!

Also, it was Halloween!! (that's our salad spinner.  Ah, the irony...)

Our other wreath blew away, so I had to promote our backdoor Halloween wreath to front door status.

HUNDREDS of Trick-or-Treaters!  I was ill prepared.  One of our neighbors stopped by and called us rookies :)  Just wait till next year.... 

Monday, November 1, 2010

Before and After

I found this:

Pastoral, but not quite my style....

Spent a few days saying "should I paint the frame white?  I'm not sure if I like the wood...."

Painted it white, and I love it :) It's in the nursery now where it belongs.  (Not yet on the wall, though... all things in time)