Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Reupholstering the Dining Room Chairs

I've always heard that it's an easy job, but have never had a dining room let alone a dining room set.

We purchased this one (table four chairs and sideboard) from the gentleman who sold us this lovely house....

We figured that recovering the chairs would be a quick design fix.  we wanted to go with something graphic and modern to juxtapose the very traditional set, so I went to Haberman's Fabric.  (Cannot praise that store enough, so I'll just do a separate post on that.)  And came away with two really excellent options...

One would be curtains, one would be seat covers and perhaps also napkins, or runners or quelquechose....  Things went a bit differently than I had imagined, but that will all be revealed in time (on Friday, actually, when we post the new Dining Room photos!)

But here's how we did it.

I went and bought some 2 inch high density foam, so that we'd be nice and comfy when seated at extended dinner parties, then it was just a matter of cutting squares that are large enough to wrap around to the bottom of the piece to staple in place. (no need for perfect measure, since this part will never be seen.)

Then I stapled it....

Then Drake decided that it looked like I was exerting myself too much and finished the four chairs.
And they now look like this :)

(sorry... a bit fuzzy)

Makes such a difference in the room! And seriously the easiest home improvement project that we've tackled so far.


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