Friday, January 22, 2010

Big Reveal: Dining Room Now

So yesterday we left you with Drake scraping and painting our dining room, which you'll remember looked like this.  Here he is removing the under layer of paper last weekend.  This was back when he was happy, before the oil-based primer burned his eyes and nose.

After choosing the fabric, we decided that we would go with a neutral wall color-- we went with a very very light cream color, and are planning on popping some color in with accessories and such.  The fabric is VERY modern and graphic.  I am re-considering its appropriateness for drapes, although I unabashedly love it for the chairs.

But!  This is a Before and Now Post, so let's get to it:
lovely Asian Fan, some country florals

French Circus print! Modern Graphics!





And another:

You'll have to ignore the water stain ring marks on the table for now.  Armed with all of the tips that the internet has to offer, I will tackle that one soon (with mayonnaise.  it's true!  google it)

Are the curtains overwhelming?

Here is the number one most wonderful thing that they do:



They somehow managed to make the existing chandelier work really well!

Still to do:
Floors need to be refinished, and a few more colorful accessories and art need to be added.  Here are some of the things I'm thinking about:

Also this rug:

Thinking about some red coral accents (sculptural pieces of coral)

Thinking about featuring some artwork from vintage tobacco cards.  Do you know about the New York Public Library's Digital Gallery?  You should.  It's amazing and it's where I found lovely things like these Gilbert and Sullivan collectors cards:

Or these lovely circus ones (I LOVE circuses):

Perhaps I'm also thinking about a rich solid velvet drape... perhaps I'm thinking about it because it's the chilly winter time, perhaps because I feel slightly overwhelmed by the fabric right now... I'm imagining it  in another room entirely actually.  I'm imagining it having something to do with this.


  1. I LOVE IT!!! You guys (and by "you guys" I mean Drake) are plowing through this renovation! Orion Victorian is undergoing quite the transformation!

  2. AWESOME!!!! Doesn't feel great when it transforms into YOUR room?!
    I never thought I would be so excited about things like trim going up or paint... :)

  3. you should add some ash (from a bbq or a chain smoker) to the mayonaise. The mayonaise draws some wood-nourishing nutrient from the ash (a 1st comment, and it's science-y!) and it really does work--I saved my sideboard from it's ringed fate this way.

    The room? So so much lovelier as an after!