Friday, January 8, 2010

Interior Photos: Kitchen

The back door enters into the kitchen, and when you turn to the left, this is what you see.

For a historic home, the kitchen is quite sizable really, and the renovation on this could be very basic. The counters are just two straight slabs, and would be pretty easy to replace (when the time is right.) We really like the cabinets, and will probably just freshen them up with paint (OR with my favorite household helper the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Truly Magic)

In the picture above, you see the back door (on the right), the door to the basement (left) and to the hallway/downstairs full bath (center)

This is the only room which has not suffered the wrath of Drake's wallpaper removal. I've begged him to wait until we are able to actually implement a design plan. I don't think that I can spend that much time in a room where paper is in the process of falling off the walls. The injury of all of this is that this is TRULY the worst wallpaper in the whole house. The bottom part, as you can see, is gingham, but the top is a pastoral farm scene, complete with different cartoon frolicking animals and labeled at regular intervals "ShadyBrook Farm"
Save me.
We'll replace the appliances as necessary (priorities, you know) And it looks like the dishwasher will be the first, as it does not work. It's merely a placeholder. Anyone out there love their dishwasher and feel that there is room for no other dishwasher in the world? We're looking for something energy efficient, and probably stainless. We won't go too matchy-matchy on the appliances, but are planning to replace with stainless as we are able.

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