Tuesday, January 26, 2010

And then life started again

I've had so much to tell you so far and now....

Well now, we're both teaching a bunch, and on top of that Drake may be away on a gig for much of February! (more soon)   So just when you thought we had all the momentum in the world and would breeze through the whole house before the baby arrived we have to take a step back.

From my point of view it's tricky--  I'm a handy lady-- I could do some work while Drake is gone, but then there's the whole noxious fumes and dangerous tools and poor balance... Again, no one wants to see pregnant ladies on ladders.  So!  I think I'll take the next little while to plan everything.

And now I shall list the things that need planning:
1. The kitchen-choosing appliances, colors, tile backsplash, countertops, flooring
2. The bedroom- choosing furniture, a new queen sized mattress, bedding, colors
3. Downstairs bathroom- choosing wallpaper (yes, wallpaper) colors
4. Laundry room- Choosing wallpaper (again! wallpaper!)

Do any of you have feelings about kitchen appliances?  have you researched them? do you love yours?

1 comment:

  1. commercial grade/steel appliances are all the rage. they look great, but i don't know how economical they are. personally, i love a gas stove. electric i find difficult to control.

    that's my two cents.