Monday, April 12, 2010

Victorian color schemes

"Painted Ladies" they're called-- Victorian homes are usually dated from between 1880-1915 (ish).  Queen Anne is the most ornate style home (example pictured here):

Ours is not quite this ornate, but then again not terribly far from it.  We are certainly not the most ornate in our neighborhood though.... check these beauties out!

Do you see that roof? 

The black and white photo does not even begin to do this house justice... It's two doors down from us, and the current owners just restored it.  It is unspeakably gorgeous, but I feel like a strange stalker doing the slow drive-by walk-by photo shoot.  This was all I could find on the web :) But check out that gingerbread work-- sigh....

"IT WAS A PERIOD OF CONTRASTS. Natural shades of sand, stone, slate and earth, on homes designed in the style of a Gothic revival. Accents were everything, with ornate windows, doors and cornices painted in vivid hues that featured every ornament." 

Sherwin Williams offers a "Victorian Preservation Palette" which attempts to be in keeping with what is historically appropriate for a Victorian home.   Here are some of the combos which they suggest:

Our neighbors have pretty much *exactly* the Downing Straw/Rookwood Red/Rookwood Dark Green scheme.  As far as "pre-assigned schemes" go I lean pretty heavily towards the first and the last (featuring Renwick Olive, and Downing Earth, respectively)  


We don't have to go with a pre-assigned color scheme.... They also have about 90 colors which they suggest are of a Victorian color palette:

Now these I can work with...  soon I'll give you a couple of palettes of my own devising, but in the meantime, what do you think about the palettes they suggest?  Does anything jump out at you? Let me know in the comments!

Again, my faves for your closer consideration:  

Option 1
Option 2

and remember

The eyes of Texas are upon you.  All the livelong day.

Can you guess which one Drake is leaning towards?  


  1. I like option one best of your favorites, but my favorite is the one your neighbors already have :)


  2. no baby yet. Also, just realized that half of the options were cropped out in the original post. just fixed it!

  3. ooh, the rookwood blue green is pretty--please add it to your scheme.

    xo, the lady who lives in the traditional brick georgian with black shutters

  4. Hi Paige!
    I do like all of those greens.... I'm trying to work out mock-ups using photos of our house on Photoshop, but it's not working argh! It's so much easier to picture small changes than major ones, so I hope I can get it worked out :)

  5. I am currently trying to figure out a paint scheme for our Painted Lady. I love bright fun colors so a painted lady is a perfect fit for me. My only problem is trying to figure out where the "oohh that's a gorgeous painted lady" or the "oh wow that's horribly bright" line is.. hmm :)

  6. Hi - the first/top picture - can you tell me the colors? I have a stone victorian, which is rare. It was originally colonial and then "victorianized" with high slate roof and ornamental trim. We have decided to paint it to bring out the trim again but we are having a hard time since its stone. Do you have any more pictures? Thanks.

  7. Did my other post come through? Can you tell me the pictures in the top picture - we have a Stone Victorian. Thanks.

  8. It did come through Kelly-- Unfortunately I don't know the colors for that first pic. It wasn't from the same source as the Sherwin Williams colors. It looks like it would be pretty close to Downing Slate and Rookwood Dark Red