Friday, January 8, 2010

Interior Photos: Downstairs Bathroom

Chances are that at one point in the home's history this was the only bathroom. It is large and has lovely potential. Again, all of these interior photos are from our walk through with the realtor in early November.

A tub-- no jets, nothing fancy (yet) but a perfectly lovely place for baby baths...

Again, slightly overwhelming amounts of country-kitchen wallpaper, but easy enough to remove. If you could peek underneath the pervasive lacy curtains (those are all gone now) you'll see the original woodwork window framing (all new windows, thankfully!)

After pulling down the wallpaper in this room, we speculate that under the "chair rail" (do you call it a chair rail in a bathroom?) is wood. Decisions will be forthcoming about whether to paint, re-wallpaper, or refinish the wood.

There is definitely wood flooring under the linoleum (in the kitchen as well) and a full refinish of all the wood flooring is forthcoming.

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