Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Nursery Inspiration

I should've guessed that if I put it to a vote, then we'd have to work on the Nursery next!  I know that voting hasn't *officially* closed yet, but in light of the current available data....

1. Dwell Studio for Target Silverlake Convertible Crib (2nd edition).  Very modern looking, and functional with the two drawers beneath.

2. Dwell Studio for Target Silverlake Changing Table.  Again, I just really like the clean look of it.

3. Dwell Studio for Target 3 piece crib set in "Zoo."  So adorable!  This is the one element that we already posess, many thanks to this lovely lady :)

4. Sheepskin rug (just so soft, and I would like to squish it beneath my toes)

5. Verona 2 shelf Storage with 6 baskets.  For toy storage and the like.

Also this!  It wasn't available when I made the first little graphic, but here it is, and I love it.  Also, I figure that the tripod design of it will provide a little extra stability.


  1. I'm glad to have contributed to the Tiny Dantzler's cozy nest! Yay Nursery!

  2. The first comment! You get a prize :)
    I already know what it is.... a print of the "Brush up your Business with Paint Paper and Push" photograph I took in Brooklyn. I remember you said that you wanted one.

    e-mail me your address?