Saturday, January 9, 2010

Interior Photos: Third Bedroom

Get ready because here's where things get very strange.  You are ill prepared for:

THE PLAID!! and....

THE PHEASANT (and bear in a butterfly chair)


What was this place?  Was it formerly an attic?  Why are there stairs there? Who thought that particular wallpaper was a good idea?

It's difficult because this wants to be the Master Bedroom.  There's this:

An attached half bath... but there's also this:

Tiniest closet in the world.  Alas.

Then of course there's the plaid.  It's fixable, but oooo boy!
Then of course there's the fact that it's attached to the second bedroom.

Eventually, if we have more children, the second and third bedrooms will probably be their rooms, that would be fun, right?  especially when they're little.  Probably not as fun when they're teenagers, but probably also more fun than having an adjoining room with your parents...

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  1. Yeah, I definitely think this used to be an attic. I just seems that given the stairs and the ceiling that's what it used to be. But that somebody decided it was a better use of space to make it a bedroom, which is quite right. The lack of proper closet and entrance to the room definitely make it come off as an afterthought.