Saturday, January 9, 2010

Interior Photos: First Bedroom

We really love our house. Alot. But when we first saw it, it certainly did not escape us that often times it looks like Grandmother's Country Kitchen and The Orient threw up all over the interior. We live in the pinkest house in town. You can see it most clearly when it has snowed.

The pink was DEFINITELY carried over into the interior.  There isn't a single room which escaped it, actually.  Case in point:

This will in all likelihood become our boy's room.  Charming, isn't it?  Pink walls, pink carpet, lacy curtain panels....

It's not our furniture, so he won't get to sprawl out on a large brass bed, but there you have it.

We pulled up the carpet in one of the corners and discovered beautiful hardwood floors (not surprising in a house of this age.)

Some paint (not blue, but definitely not pink.) Something lovely and neutral and soothing.
Rip up carpet to expose wood flooring
Add large sheepskin rug for crawling on :)

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