Friday, January 8, 2010

Interior Photos: Front Room

And this will be our music room:

All we need now is a player piano which will reside just right there where the book/CD case was on our first viewing of this house:

Again, we have already taken down all of the wallpaper, and the curtains (which yes, incidentally, do match the wallpaper exactly.)

We also took the rug out, and saw that there are about three different colors of stain on the floor, or perhaps just different layers which have been protected/unprotected from the sun over the course of 100+ years. So again, refinishing is imminent.

We uncovered a really striking wallpaper under the one that you see above, but we're saving it to see if we can keep it as an accent piece on the three windowed walls. oooo.... we hope we can!

For those of you who have kept up with my other blog, you may remember this furniture set which I inherited from my Great Grandmother, and planned on reupholstering. Thank Goodness that I didn't get around to it, because the set goes perfectly in this room, and we will reupholster when the time is right based on design elements. Very exciting prospects for this room!

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