Friday, January 8, 2010

Interior Photos: Sunroom

And now for the Sunroom. A lovely little space on the back of the house which enters the Dining Room, is enclosed, full of light and, when we first encountered it, full of hats.
FULL of hats. I of course envisioned it as a lovely knitting nook. Drake pictured a listening station/sitting area where he could sit back and listen to historic recordings of famous tenors undisturbed....
This could also one day become the room where we sit to watch PBS when our future children take over the house and insist on watching drivel such as Jersey Shore and the like (NB-- we currently watch Jersey Shore--it's like a train wreck, sometimes you can't look away in time, and then you're just trapped. I'm slightly ashamed.)
When we got into the house, we were so happy to see that the original owner had kindly removed all of the coat hooks which held his hat collection, we had dreaded that task. But we found a few more tasks to keep us busy. Again, more will be forthcoming in a renovation post, but for a peek at the current(ish) state of things:

As you can see, the ceiling is covered with fabric, which I thought was a great idea. The original plan was to find a suitable fabric and retreat the ceiling in the same fashion, but plans change.

Though I'm probably giving it all away, I'll go ahead and show you what inspired the new plan for this room:

You'll have to wait (along with us) to see the finished product until at LEAST after the Met Competition this weekend. Wonderful Drake is the sole executer of design implementations as no one likes to see pregnant ladies on ladders pulling down planks.

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