Thursday, January 21, 2010

So by now you may have figured out...

... that all though the vote went overwhelmingly in favor of doing the nursery next, we didn't actually do that.  We did the dining room.  We still have the troublesome problem of not knowing which room will be the nursery, and until we decide that, we can't go about decorating anything.

And so the dining room!  You've already seen the chairs and so you have an idea of what we're working on.  The big "before and now" reveal goes up tomorrow, but until then here's a little report from Drake:

Saturday I was thinking that I could get up and quickly knock out the painting of the dining room.  We woke up early and headed to Home Depot looking for primer.  We checked with the paint specialist and he recommended a 5 gallon tub of Kilz oil-based primer for 19 dollars.   The latex primer was between $50-$70 for a 5 gallon tub, but he assured us that it wasn't really any different.  How could we go wrong?!

I got back home and began to prepare the wall for print.   Upon further inspection, it turned out that during last weekend's wall paper stripping I had left more remnants than I thought.  So I cleaned the walls, puttied the cracks and holes, removed the outlet and socket covers, got rid of the remaining contact paper (from the wallpaper borders that were EVERYWHERE), sanded and taped, and it was 4 hours later.  No kidding.  We watch a lot of HGTV here now, so while I was prepping for paint I listened to Mike Holmes tear apart and reveal a whole a new house, saw two rooms redesigned for less than 1000 dollars each (like that is cheap!), and heard the new Australian guy mention how much he wanted to make an Asian style garden.  My two cents, he is pretty annoying.   I didn't even get started priming until early afternoon.

Priming was a surprise.   I was only familiar with the latex paints that we had used last week, so this oil based paint was a surprise.   And now I know why people use latex paints.  We went back to Home Depot the next day and bought a 5 gallon tub of latex primer.  Enough said.

Well, eventually the walls were primed, my nose and eyes were stinging, and it was time for a break.  I head out the shed for some more work (more on that later) and waited for the paint to dry.   A little while later I got back in and painted two coats on the dining room walls, and we are in business.   Stay tuned for the exciting updates on the dining room with no Asian Fan, no farm wallpaper, freshly painted walls, new cushions for the chairs, new drapes, and new accessories.   A whole new world, new fantastic point of view….

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  1. No one to tell us no, or where to go, or say we're only dreaming!!!