Friday, January 15, 2010

Floor Plan Second Floor

OK, this is a long one but stick with me, because we really really need your help.  We still haven't set up ANY bedroom furniture, because we truly can't decide to do with the layout.

So here's what we've got...

And now the dilemma.  Just glancing at it, it seems obvious that the Third Bedroom would be the master, since it is the largest and has an attached half bath.  However.... it looks like this:

so sad.  so plaid.

And there are two functional issues-- not necessarily problems, but issues
1. The Third Bedroom is attached to the Second, and the only way to the main staircase and full bath are through the Second Bedroom.  We can't get rid of (wall in) the connecting door because then there is no other access for the Third Bedroom to the rest of the second floor (and the only shower in the house). 
2. There's a weird staircase in the Third Bedroom that leads down to the laundry room...

So, let's imagine for a moment that the room is not not plaid, that it's some lovely shade of otherness.  Let's also take into account the two issues mentioned above.  We need a Master Bedroom, a Nursery and a Guestroom and here are the options as I see them:

Option 1: Third Bedroom is the Master, Second Bedroom is the Nursery and the First is a guestroom
  • Master and Nursery are attached
  • Master has attached half bath
  • We have to deal with the plaid immediately
  • No closet in Master Bedroom
Option 2: Third Bedroom is the Guestroom, Second is the Master, First is the Nursery
  • When there are no guests, we can leave the door open and have a "Master Suite."  We can use the guest bedroom (2nd BR) as a multi-purpose room, for a study/sitting room.  
  • We have the biggest closet in the Master
  • Guests could enter their room through the strange staircase (above, which we would refinish) but would have to go through our room to use the shower (there's no shower in the downstairs bath.)
Option 3: First Bedroom is the Master, Second is the Nursery, Third is the Guest Room
  • Master is the prettiest bedroom :) Three large windows, large closet.
  • Master doesn't have another bedroom attached to it, more private.
  • When/if we have more children, this will inevitably become the layout, so that their rooms are attached.
  • Master has no attached bath.
  • Guest Room is attached to baby's room.  (problematic if baby isn't a good sleeper)
  • Half bath will hardly ever be used (except when guests are there.)
Any thoughts?  Where would you rather sleep when you come stay with us?  Leave us a comment and let us know :)


  1. I would consider these things if it were me: 1) The nursery won't always be a nursery. One day it will probably be a teenager's room, and just as much as they might not want their bedroom attached to mom and dad's room, you probably won't want this either. Also, consider how many issues entering and exiting through someone else's bedroom might cause during those very desperate-for-privacy years. 2) How often do you plan to have guests stay? I know you guys have lots of family that will visit, but should you plan your whole house layout around those times you might have guests? I think that you should be selfish. If someone is staying at your house they probably love you very much and won't mind the lovely little baby too too much. Also, you could always just have the baby sleep in your room on those nights if it becomes a problem. 3) I think parents should always get the prettiest room (1st br). Unless you have a kid like the one on Mean Girls. And also, I guess you'd then be using the bigger, better bathroom, which seems fair. And I just want to point out that if you plan to move to this room later on down the line, you should keep in mind that furniture which fits nicely in one room does not always fit nicely in another, especially when you take windows into consideration. So you would probably incur some costs later on if you were to change up the bedrooms, not to mention some inevitable re-decorating desires if the rooms have been being used by people of different ages. :) 4) I wouldn't worry too much about the half bath not getting use initially because a few years and maybe a few kids down the line, it will be getting PLENTY of use! 5) I do like your idea of a Master Suite complete with a Sitting Room! This sounds very Victorian and very luxurious. Though, you guys will also have that listening/knitting room downstairs with lots of nice light, right? (Why do I already know your house so well ...?)

    I think you can probably figure out my vote from this, but I don't want to influence your choice. Ha ha! Just some things I'd think about if it were me!

    -- Megan P.

  2. All good thoughts!

    we're still up in the air on this one, and still sleeping on a mattress on the floor in the 1st bedroom :)

    I'll keep you posted if there are any developments! Something's got to happen soon, since I bet I won't be able to get up off the floor in a week or two...

  3. Mike has a grand idea... Why not extend the hallway into the second bedroom, thus emlinating the necessity to go through the second bedroom to access the third bedroom. It would create a L-shaped hallway and moves the door to the second bedroom, but then you have two separate rooms!!! Mike so SMAHT.

  4. Hmmmmmm...... yes! we could just cut out a little bit of the bedroom,
    OR we could extend the hallway straight in to the third bedroom (through where the toilet is right now) and then combine the two bathrooms into one larger more functional bathroom!

    Great idea!

  5. option #2!!!!!! babies dont need a lot of space, and wont be disturbed when you walk up the stairs to your bedroom.