Friday, January 8, 2010

Interior Photos: Downstairs Hallway

Architectural dilemma/redesign a.k.a. Public Enemy #1
The hallway staircase.
How could this happen?!?!?!? Our home inspectors suggested that the original staircase was probably "too grand" and took up too much room, and that when they added the bathrooms upstairs, they probably redid the staircase so that it would take up less room. We wept a little and immediately began wondering how long it would be before we could hire an architect to remedy this. In addition to the atrocity of the staircase, there is also the wood paneling (not too prominently featured in these photos, but especially prominent upstairs) It shall be painted anon.

Above is the view of the staircase from the front room. Travesty. Truly. But not forever, just for now.

We did start a little project in the back hall entry way which formerly looked like this:

We decided to do a little message center project, keeping the bulletin board with which I was smitten, and adding a chalkboard wall! It's of course very dark, and the rest of the hallway when we paint will decidedly light.

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