Monday, January 18, 2010

Hanging pictures

Just read a great post over at Brooklyn Limestone about a technique for hanging a gallery wall, or a group of framed items.  I did this without a tutorial over at our apartment...

Not quite as elegant, but it worked for a few months.  (Here's where all the labels are explained) Wherever this ends up in the new house will definitely get the star treatment outlined in this tutorial.   I share Mrs. Limestone's concerns about nailing into plaster walls-- I've gotten ready to hang art in the Living Room about a million times, and each time my Memere's voice rings in my ears warning me not to put holes in the walls.

I've gotten a couple of different items to try at the Hardware store, some self adhesive hooks as well as the OOK Pro picture hanging set

It "Will Not Damage Your Walls!"  One tip that I've read over and over again is to put scotch tape over the spot on the wall that you plan to put the nail in order to help prevent plaster cracks.

An update on hung art (with or without damage) will be forthcoming!


  1. I will vouch for the Ook style hangers, as we have plaster all over the house, and they're Mark's preference. I personally trust his judgment on these things :)

  2. excellent! hanging shall commence anon