Monday, March 8, 2010

Vintage postcard zoo

Do you remember the post I did about how to hang collections of art? 
I actually had a chance to take my own advice...

I laid out the frames and arranged them how I wanted them, then traced the frames onto a cut up grocery bag.  Then, I taped the marked bag on the wall, and put the nails in the center of the top lines of the frames.  I pulled away the paper, and all the nails were perfectly placed.  Voila!

So, here is the vintage postcard/zoo animal medley for which I just acquired frames on Saturday. I went with simple black frames after considering green, white and a reddish-copper.  I don't know, the black seemed classier and more classic to me-- especially since the cards are not very baby-ish.  I like the result very much.

Slowly but surely it's all coming together!

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