Monday, March 22, 2010

And I'm spent.

So, based on my post from earlier today,  here's what I managed to accomplish.

  1. I did the video tour for the nursery (will post tomorrow morning.)  I nearly trapped myself outside of the nursery with the Flip camera inside in an attempt to get the Pack N Play out of the room.  I wedged it into the door and thereby myself into the bathroom, and after a brief panic attack, figured out how to remove the changing table add-on and was free. 
  2. I *attempted* to repair the mirror frames, but failed miserably.  I attribute this to products, not skill.  The molding compound was just not cutting it.  Perhaps I'll try it again with this.  It really was awful and I tried twice.  There will be a post about this too.  A big failure post. 
  3. I gilded the frames.  They just needed a little extra shine, so I cleaned them up and did a very light coat of gold paint.  (Don't worry I wore a mask and opened all the windows and doors.)
  4. I took apart the back porch footstools and saved the pertinent pieces of fabric to create a pattern.  (only one puncture wound to my hand, thankyouverymuch.) I was going to cut all of the pieces from the new fabric, but lost steam after cutting the material for the cording, so that's all she wrote on that one.  
  5. I did clean up, but then I got a bit of the molding powder everywhere, and the whole dining room table is covered with newspaper and the two mirrors, and there is thread and dust all over the living room floor from where I took apart the back porch footstools.  So you would never know that it actually was clean at one point....
I also interviewed our pediatrician and wrote my short bio for the Ohio Light Opera program book.  
not bad.  

Now I shall perhaps knit a tiny hat or booties.  We'll see.  Or nap.  or watch HGTV, or do all three.

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