Thursday, March 11, 2010

The great thaw

It's starting to thaw out around here, which means that I've turned my eyes to the outdoor work that wants do-ing.

First of all, it's rather fun to see all of the things that have been buried under the snow since we moved in in January.  In addition to a hanger, a set of size 7 circular knitting needles and 5 newspapers, we have also found

Many many many fairy statues...

A few saints who met unfortunate ends at the hands of our killer icicles...

Poor Front Door St. Francis lost a foot

There's another St. Francis on the south side.  He's still standing strong

Then we have creepy rainbow frog-- an unfortunate erosion on his face makes it look like he's flashing his vicious teeth at you

And finally, hobo gardening gnome.  You can see his toes through his shoes

So there we have it!  all of our current garden "accessories" finally revealed!  I'm sure you've been wondering what was under all that snow.  

I have been browsing through garden catalogs and trying to read about plants that are native to Michigan.  Thinking about a garden plan, though for this season, we may wait and see if there are perennials which may show themselves.  If not, we always have these "all-season" options which have also revealed themselves in the thaw... 


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