Tuesday, March 30, 2010

In other news...

So now that my blogging has moved from Texification over to here, I find myself not writing about anything but home stuff.

So here's a little freestyling about life stuff!  The baby is due in just over a week, so every day I wake up and say "Come OUT!  Don't you want to come out now??"  This doesn't seem to be working.  He would prefer to attempt an escape from my ribs, but eventually he'll figure out that this is just inefficient.

People ask me if I have any cravings... anyone who knows me knows that yes.  yes I do.  But they're not pregnancy related, I just really like to eat certain things.  There are some things, though that I've eaten more of lately, like

salted edamame.  I eat this almost daily.  I love it.  Also Yoplait pear yogurt.  Also strawberry ice cream.

We are all packed for the hospital, thanks to Drake-- we went out and purchased items for the labor bag on Sunday and bags for the labor bag.  Drake had very strong feelings about what type of bag he wanted.  He's very very organized these days.  We merged lists from our childbirth class and some internet sources, to be sure that we have everything we could need.  I still have to make a mix of "soothing music." This will likely be Radiohead "In Rainbows" and a smattering of other songs.  I will not listen to the elevator/spa music that was suggested in our class.  I find it stressful.   Am I alone here?

In short:  The nursery is ready, the bags are packed, Drake is installing the carseat tonight, the sweaters are knitted, we are ready!  Now we just need the baby to figure out that there's no way out through my ribs...


  1. Come out! Come out!

    I am neither pregnant nor trying to get pregnant at the moment, but I find lately I have been putting soy sauce on nearly everything. Could this be contributing to my high blood pressure, I wonder aloud?

  2. The organization makes me giggle a little. It's like wrapping a teacup in bubblewrap in the face of an oncoming mack truck :) You two are adorable, and I can't wait to meet the little man, whenever that time comes. Love, love, love!

  3. I must be the teacup, then? poor poor teacup..... :)

  4. The payoff, of course, is that if you get a little broken in the process, what you become when you put yourself back together is better than just a teacup :) It's a wild time, but those first six weeks or so are like nothing else in the world...