Sunday, March 21, 2010

Brief absence due to actual work and progress

Now that Drake is home, we have been project-ing up a storm.  Only a few short weeks before the baby comes so we've been prioritizing projects and Drake has been working overtime (both at *actual* work and at home.)

Posts Coming Up:

  • The nursery is finished!  the elephant is up, it's awesome and I love it.  The nursery is definitely the best room in our house.  I am waiting for the next sunny day, and I'll post a little video tour using our new Flip HD camera.

  • The front room has been painted, the wallpaper has been patched, and today we are fixing up some really lovely gilded mirrors to glitz up the place before we give you some after photos.
In the meanwhile:
Drake LOVES sweater vests, so thought I'd make a little matching one for the baby :) 

And here's the back with a little button.  This is the only sweater that I made in newborn size... I know they grow fast, but I wanted to have SOMETHING to put on him right away :)  photos of handknits are always much better with actual babies in them!

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