Friday, March 26, 2010

Front room wall paper SAVED!

You may remember the Front room from when we first saw the house:
Lovely, but a little too old fashioned for our tastes.  We immediately identified this room as the piano/music room-- eventually a baby grand goes right where that desk is.

As with every other room in the house, Drake immediately pulled down the floral wallpaper, and we found this:
And as he made his way around the room, we found that a good deal of it was *really* well preserved!

You can see (especially around the LH window) where little pieces of it peeled away, but our hope was that we would be able to peel huge panels off of the Right wall, and preserve enough of it to patch up and keep the three windowed walls.  Sure enough:

So last weekend, we set about the patchwork.  I cut out small pattern repeats to match up with the sections that were damaged (like this one)

Then we taped the patches over the existing wall paper:

Then we made a mixture of Elmers Glue and water-- about one part glue to two parts water-- and we painted it under the paper and over the paper.  Then we smoothed it with a trowel.

All that remained was trimming around the edges, and doing another coat of glue on top of the patch paper, to smooth the edges into the original paper, and now we have this!

Very excited that it worked out!  And we're getting closer and closer to finishing this room.  The couch and chair upholstery will have to wait, since I plan to do that myself, and cannot possibly do that while 38 weeks pregnant... :)  The other walls in the room have been painted, and we've been working on these:

A pair of antique gold framed mirrors that we scouted out on Craigslist :) 

This whole room has been full of unexpected surprises!  Definitely the most "traditional" room in our house so far.  We both tend toward more modern styles, but the house threw this wallpaper into the mix, and we decided that we would take it and run.  Improv adventure room!  
here are a couple of files from my inspiration folder to give you an idea of where we're heading:

Are there any rooms in your house that totally blindsided you?  Cause we sure didn't see this coming, and are kind of flying by the seat of our pants here.... We're looking forward to seeing where this room takes us!  

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  1. I had a total Back to the Future moment reading you title! "SAVE THE CLOCK TOWER!"