Monday, March 22, 2010

What She Wanted and What She Got

The title of this post is a song that my character sang in Victor Herbert's Sweethearts which I performed with Ohio Light Opera ages ago.  It always makes me laugh, because it basically says, if you're still single it's because you're too picky, so "don't be too particular."

The day we recorded the studio session (the final recording was mixed from live performances and a studio session) I was really sick, and the producer said "Alta, it sounds like you just smoked a pack of Lucky Strikes, and I LOVE it.  Can we please do a take of your number?"  and I refused, but then was later persuaded on the grounds that he "promised not to use it if it was awful."  Which it was, and he did.  The things we do for operetta.... (and yes, that is a chicken on my hat in the photo.)

This is all to say that I start every day that I have at home with a list of things I'd like to get done (What she wanted).   And at the end of the day, I'll have accomplished little if anything from the original list-- except for extended napping which is never on the list in the first place (What she got).

So, let's take today for a real-time example.  Today I have the day off, because I've cut back my teaching to just two days to accommodate my students who are going to the State contest on Friday.  So, my list of things that I'd like to do today are as follows:

  1. General house pick-up-- shoes away, dishes away, sweep etc. (Drake vaccumed on Friday so that's good enough.)
  2. Repair and Re-Gild the really awesome mirrors that we scored from Craigslist last week, so that Drake can hang them up in the nearly finished front room.
  3. Do the video tour of the nursery, since it is appropriately sunny, and you all have been so patient.
And now the bonus list, because I've become more realistic about my energy reserves....
  1. Recover the footstools of the back deck furniture.
  2. Walk to the Frame store downtown and get some picture wire to finally hang the Paint Paper and Push print that we had framed last month.
  3. Take photos of our cute downtown while on the walk to the frame store.  
Now, I'm leaving you so that I can go and attempt to do these things, and I'll check back in tonight with an update of what actually happened.  If somehow manage to accomplish all of these things, it's basically a week's worth of posts.  Wouldn't that be lovely?

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  1. Also, we're approaching 1000 pageviews, which is very exciting to me! I'd love to hear about your projects... send me pictures if you want, and I'll post them, or you can do a guest post too!