Thursday, March 4, 2010


So sweet.  I'm really a big fan of the Dwellstudio for Target line.  Both the dresser/changing table and the crib are so sturdy and great looking!

The walnut really goes well with the original wood in the room, and the white makes it bright and modern and vibrant.

The drawers are big and sturdy and I love the pulls.

Don't worry, we won't put him to sleep with the toys... but they look so cute in there, I couldn't help it.   Drake keeps saying "It must be so awesome to be a baby.  Everything around you is just so soft and wonderful."  He's also made many requests for adult size sleep suits and gowns.  

Now let's see if I can get the decals and other art up in time to do a nursery reveal tomorrow.  I warn you though, that it may have to wait until Monday-- I'm having some restless nights and lazy days lately!

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