Monday, March 1, 2010

It's Nursery Week!

So do you remember when I first started this blog and asked you which room we should do first, and the vote was almost unanimously for the nursery?  Well we've finally taken your advice and done the nursery....

Step 1: de-pink and paint green.  Check.
Step 2: assemble furniture...
As I type, Drake is lying on the floor assembling the crib which, along with the changing table, wended its way to us from his parents in Texas (thanks Grandma and Grandpa Dantzler!)

The changing table now sits beside me fully assembled, thanks to my dear friend Amy who came to visit/take care of me while Drake had been in Chicago performing in Pride and Prejudice the Musical (he's Mr. Bingley.)

Amy rolled into town late on Wednesday night and on Saturday said "Let's work on the nursery!" and so we did!

After snapping her picture assembling this drawer in her yoga clothes, I promised her that we'd take a very glamorous Price is Right Showcase Showgirls type picture of the end product, but we were both too tired to dress up, so I'll just post a glamorous picture of her (she's really very glamorous).....

See that, my sweetest tiny baby?  That lovely lady assembled your changing table :) 

So while I stood idly by (actually, I was cleaning the dreaded third bedroom, which now looks remarkable tidy, though still horribly plaid) she single handedly whipped up this little number

I only heard her curse the camlock system once or twice.

I LOVE IT.  It is a really beautiful piece of furniture.  Very sturdy and solid wood.  I love the hardware, I love the heft, I love how sleek and modern it is and Amy and I really loved filling the drawers with tiny baby things.

like the world's tiniest diapers...

and a bunch of tiny outfits.

Amy was on a roll and was ready to assemble the crib too, but Drake wanted to do that himself, and so she busied herself with the Pack n Play...

Look at those adorable little owls!  Love it.  

By the end of this week, you will have pictures of the complete nursery minus only the marimekko escape from the zoo piece, which is currently at the framer. 

Tomorrow: Why our baby's mattress is superior to our own. 

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