Friday, February 19, 2010

Nursery peek

Here is a little peek at the nursery which is slowly but surely taking shape.  I mentioned that we chose the 2nd bedroom for the nursery.  So here it was when we first saw the house:

Pink (as is the WHOLE HOUSE) and replete with pink Victorian Home wallpaper runner.

We decided to go with a pale green... I considered a pale warm yellow, but then my friend Ashley pointed out that she read somewhere that green makes babies smarter.  So we went with that.  :)
(But truly, green was always in the running.)

So here we are now!

Very subtle no?  and what's that one piece of furniture?

It's a lovely upholstered rocking chair with a footstool which I love and which will rock the baby and I and Drake to sleep most nights this Spring.  

We'll give you a more full picture of the room as it continues to evolve.  I just found out there are a few key pieces which Drake's parents have gifted us and are on their way from Texas!  Which means full nursery reveal could happen sooner than we thought.  Combine that with this loveliness which was gifted to me at a lovely baby shower this weekend from Amy and Melissa (who must read this blog or something.... ;)

See how big it is?? I can't WAIT to put it up on the wall.  After consulting some local experts (did your mom tell you I called her and Michael to discuss, Ash?) I have decided to have it put on canvas stretchers.  oooooo I can't wait.  


  1. Look at how low you are sitting in that couch? You'd think you were pregnant or something!

  2. Lovely!! It's amazing what paint and new furniture can do! Inspires me to keep an open mind and a creative eye in all future house-hunting endeavors!