Friday, April 2, 2010

We moved to the third bedroom, and I love it there

As you may remember there was great drama over where we would put the "Master Bedroom."  We ended up in the First bedroom.  That is until two weeks ago, when we purchased a new Queen sized bed, and put it in the Third bedroom "for now" so that we wouldn't have to move the other bed.  Well now I'm never leaving.  It probably has something to do with the fact that there is a bathroom in there.  I LOVE IT.  Of course, as all of you moms out there know, I get up one million times per night, because there is a human sitting on my bladder, so this is a premium perk.

I can't believe how much I underestimated the awesomeness of a Master Bath.  AND it is totally drenched in sunlight every morning.  I can't wait to take a million pictures of the baby every morning all sunny and wonderful.  (Don't worry, I'll crop out the plaid)

Now I'm brainstorming about what we would do with that bedroom if we were to stay there forever.

Perhaps expand the half bath to a full?  And include fixtures such as....

And this:

And one of those fancy showers with a million sections that shoot water at you, like in the commercial where the contractor installs it then showers in there and sings opera.

And what about the rest of the room?  We need storage/closet solutions, we need to get rid of the plaid, we need a bedframe, linens, curtains....

More inspiration soon!

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