Thursday, April 8, 2010

tick tock....


1. He is due to arrive tomorrow
2. My Doctor says that "my cervix is very unfavorable."  This made me laugh.  She's tremendously awkward, but I find it very endearing.  She can't help herself.
3.  Mom says that all three of my brothers came on their due dates.  (I was early)
4.  There is now a convent of nuns in Framingham praying that he arrives tomorrow 4-09 at 4:09 (thanks mom :)
5. I am out of TV to watch.


  1. 1. I truly enjoy reading this blog. The pictures, the comments, everything. You make me smile.

    2. Hulu? Have you watched all of the episodes of "Dead Like Me"?

    3. I miss you and Drake! Patrick and I loved hanging out with you guys.

    4. I don't really have four things to say.

    5. But I wanted to match your post, item for item. :)