Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Color Scheme Finalists

I give you the basic color wheel:

I give you this because there are 2 ways that I considered coordinating our color scheme.  1st is with opposite colors such as Violet-Red and Yellow Green.  2nd is with adjacent colors, such as Violet-Red and Red.

Adjacent seemed to make the most sense to me.  And to Bob Villa and his team of handy henchmen.  So we ended up with a few "monochromatic" color schemes-- which are centered around one color, but with different levels of light medium or dark.

We have the three schemes which I have already referred to in previous posts, but I will repost here for the sake of comparison:

Option 1 "Texas Pride" 

Option 2 "Olives"

Option 3 "Update"

And a few new ones that I just made up because I think they look pretty together.  

Option 4 "Bricks"
Option 5: "Moss"
Option 6: "Mist"

Option 7: "Slate"

OK I leave you to it.  Please expound in the comment section about which (if any) of these schemes appeal to you based on the posts this week, and your own experience as home-owners/home-seers/drive-by-curb-appeal-judgers.  


  1. Yow, a lot of choices but I would be daring and go with option 5. I love the greens together. I also like 6. The dark and light together are nice too. I take it the larger sample is the house color and the other two are trim and accent? Shoot, looking at them again, I like 4 as well.

  2. As a drive-by-curb-appeal-judge I agree with some of the others that #6 "Mist" is my favorite. I think some of the other main colors are too dark. Your house has quite a bit of shade so I think a lighter main color would be best. I also think you shouldn't be too similar to the other two homes on the block. #6 would also go very well with the colors of your flagstone foundation.

  3. I like 5 & 6 as well, but I'll be disappointed (and surprised) if Texas Pride doesn't make it into at least one of your rooms!

  4. Ross- were the horns not up when you visited? ;) There will ALWAYS be Texas pride.