Thursday, April 15, 2010

Trees and Shrubs

Just stumbled upon Global ReLeaf of Michigan.  What an awesome organization!

They have a Tree and Shrub Fundraising Sale every spring and proceeds from your membership and purchases go to support community tree plantings.

The house painting is our big Spring project this year, but you can bet that next year around this time we'll be picking up about 20 or so of these:  

"The narrow, pyramid shape makes it a natural choice for windbreaks. Tall and elegant, it requires almost no care when used as a hedge or screen. Pairs of these hardy trees make great accents for doors and garden gates while single specimens soften house corners. Single specimens can grow to 40'-60' with a spread of up to 15' in the wild, but 20'-30' with a 12' spread in urban settings is more typical. Plant 3 feet apart for hedge. (zones 3-7)" 

We're in gardening zone 6, so these are right up our alley.  We'll line the driveway in the back of the house with them.  Right now it's all just brush, and the house behind us is rented, so we're doubtful that the landlord will mind us increasing his property value, though equally doubtful that he'll go in with us on the cost.  (Which is about $18/per)


  1. $18/per is pretty good for a quality Arborvitae. Mark calls them Lego trees.


  2. those are really nice, and way better than any fence!

  3. Still no baby!
    they do look like lego trees :)
    Drake is resistant, because he's allergic to most pine trees. so we'll see!