Saturday, April 10, 2010

Big Spring Project: Exterior Paint

Well, still no baby!
I really really wanted to go outside and do some gardening, but decided that with the very heavy risk of throwing out my back it just wasn't worth it.  But things are starting to grow out there!  There are little bits of green popping up through all of the dead things.  One of these days....

This afternoon Drake is out raking and cleaning out the hobby garage.  Have we talked about that?

We have a detached two car garage, AND a hobby garage way out back.  Our property is L shaped, so you really almost can't tell that it's ours but it is.  And it is in horrible disrepair.  We've already been approached by the Village Police since we're in violation of maintenance ordinances (obviously through no fault of our own, since we just moved in) but they've given us the summer to get it fixed up. There's about a month's worth of posts coming your way in May that will be dedicated to the restoration of the hobby garage, then six years from now if Drake gets tenure there will be a new section of the blog dedicated to antique muscle car restoration.  A pretty cool reward for tenure, we think :)

So while he labors away and before I labor away (literally) I've decided to spend the afternoon doing some research on what color schemes are appropriate and likely for our big Spring repainting.  Oooo I cannot wait!!  Our house really does have tremendous potential in the curb appeal area...

So I'm pre-preparing a bunch of posts on the topic, and will schedule them to post throughout next week, to keep you all busy while we wait and see when our son decides he'd like to move in with us. 

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  1. April 13, FTW! The first time I've ever been inclined to share my birthday :)