Friday, February 24, 2012

Reading Nook

I wasn't the only one nesting this week-- while I was sewing dresses (and napping extensively) Drake was working on a super secret project: converting the closet under the stairs into a reading nook for Rowan.  Guess where we got the idea?

 So that is the inspiration photo... Unfortunately I don't have any before pics of the closet but it was the final wallpaper frontier-- with the same wallpaper that was in most of the house when we moved in:

Drake removed all the wallpaper....
(Rowan starring as Vanna White)

 Guess what color was underneath?  Not just pink....

Then he painted it colors from our house. Sandstone from the Kitchen, Forest Green from the front room.
He built a frame for the upholstered bench and storage.

Then he upholstered a bench with an old extra-long twin memory foam mattress pad that we already had.

He installed it on the frame, added some fabric to hide the storage, trimmed out the front, added some shelves, and Voila!

 Happy reading family in a closet!
See that monster?  Remember when I won him?

I made the little square monster pillow next to him.  That was my contribution :)
The bolster in the corner will be covered in this fabric as soon as it arrives:

The other thing we ordered is an adorable set of robot decals:

So in a few days we'll have a final "after" picture for you, but thought I'd go ahead and share this project now in case I go into labor at any moment :) 


Happy last day of Winter Break, Oakland!


  1. What a great idea! So well done and unique!
    Next is the Treehouse!

  2. Alex-- I bet you have a closet or two in your house that you could do this with :)