Saturday, February 4, 2012


Even though I am very rarely here,  I think it is known that we are expecting a baby girl this month?  I assume that my dear readership consists of friends and family far and wide, but just in case...
It's a girl! and she'll be here this month!

With that in mind I took to Pinterest and started pinning all kinds of inspiration for girl rooms.

I also asked our Doctor to double check to make sure we were really having a girl, because I secretly have thought all along that it wouldn't be surprising if we were one of those families you hear about where they were told it was a girl, and then SURPRISE! it's a boy and everything is pink and I just couldn't risk it.  So I'm pleased to say that she remains a girl.  And my Doctor said he has never been wrong.  

I have been asked by many where she will live!  We have three bedrooms upstairs-- the front room

Rowan's room 

(I can't believe I don't have any "finished" photos of his room!  It's the most finished room in our house!)

And our room

For now, we decided that she'll stay in our room-- you can't see it from this vantage point, but if I were to walk down to the window and take a photo of the other end of the room-- there are two large arm chairs and a side table.  In the future, I hope this will be an enormous closet but for now it will be a mini-nursery.  

This summer we hope to convert the laundry room into an office/guest room and then we'll move her into the front bedroom.  That's the plan anyway...  In the meanwhile, here's what we've been up to nursery-wise.  

First I will share with you my major craft fail.  I saw this on Pinterest:

And I wanted to make it for the nursery, so I found this:

I made this collage with Mod Podge

I taped paper to my computer screen and traced the picture above (it's open source, so that's OK :)
Then I cut it out and traced it on top of the collage.  Here's where things went wrong and I ended up with this wrinkly mess:

wrinkly and awful.  

No amount of Mod Podge coats could save it.  I also tried glitter.  Even glitter couldn't save it.  I kept it around for a couple weeks thinking that I might be able to come up with some way to save it, but it was slowly destroying my self esteem so I threw it out and decided to try a new bird project.  

Inspired by these:

I went to the graphics fairy and found a vintage dictionary page, cut out some of the birds in photoshop and overlayed them.  I was then left with *not* a wrinkly mess!  Behold!

I showed them to Drake and he said "What's with the crowns?"  I said "they're cute" and he said "What about the newspaper" and I said "It's a vintage dictionary page, Drake. I don't have to explain my art to you." :)   

I framed them and they are only awaiting some picture hanging wire before they will go above the crib!

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