Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Other crafty things I'm working on

We are officially on Winter Break!  When we found out that the due date was right in the middle of the semester I decided to try to teach through the first half (6 weeks) which would take me right up to Winter Break.  It worked! I did it!  And now we have a week off-- assuming she decides to wait till her due date.  So I plan to spend the week crafting and we may or may not be working on a super awesome project for Rowan for his new playroom under the stairs.  It's kind of magical.

Let the crafting begin!!
I made some felt flowers from a tutorial I found on guess where:

I have to go to a craft store and get some wide band (very light and stretchy!) elastic to make some tiny baby headbands (I am having too much fun with this.)

I've also, as you might imagine, been knitting.  It's slow going because by the end of the day I just want to lie down and I can't knit during Rowan's waking hours-- he's just too curious. BUT here it is so far!

It's from Elizabeth Zimmerman's A Knitter's Almanac.  The "February Baby Sweater on Two Kneedles" except that I knit it on circular needles and also picked up the stitches under the arm so that it's totally seamless.  If that means something to you and you'd like to know more here it is on Ravelry

This is the first time that I've attempted to knit lace and I've enjoyed it quite a bit.  It is also the most sumptuous of yarns- Sundara fingerling merino.  So soft and she is an amazing colorist.  I bought this yarn in 2009 when we were living in NYC thinking that I would make gloves with it-- I did make one glove (which I may have to rip apart to finish this sweater :) I think it looks better as a baby sweater.

See you soon!

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