Monday, February 1, 2010

Front room is underway

I know, I know, Still not the nursery! Still not the nursery, which won the vote by an overwhelming majority in our little poll.  And still not the nursery even though we are now only 9 weeks away from D-Day.

The problem still remains of where exactly to put ourselves and the baby.

As of now, we occupy the front (first) bedroom.  It remains pink, as does the rest of our house.  Have I mentioned that the house is pink to it's core and under every layer of floral pink wallpaper is an even pink-er wall?  My Uncle Pinky should have lived here-- the Pink House. He used to be a security guard. His security service was called "Think Pink Security: Mellow, but not Yellow."

But on to the front room.  When we first saw it it looked like this.   It has already over the course of several weeks gone through many changes.  I took down the window treatments right away-- we have great wooden blinds that add a bit more insulation to our already insulated windows (not the house, mind you, which has NO insulation argh) and Drake attacked the wallpaper, which when peeled back revealed this:
(see? we weren't lying about the pink)

But do you see that lovely paisley?  We thought to ourselves, "Hmmm... I wonder why anyone covered that up?  I wonder if it will stay in tact and maybe we can consider keeping some of it as an accent on the   three-window-wall..."

And so as we peeled further, we became more excited at the prospect of beautifully in tact wallpaper of unknown age and origin that was unique and fun.  And while we wouldn't have chosen it in a million years, it chose our house at some point, and it did capture us.  We don't have enough inspiration for the whole entire house just stewing around in our minds, after all!

So tween-er front room looked like this:
This is the tri-window wall that we would keep papered but, as you can see, the tiniest little bits came off! What to do?

Try to salvage enough pattern repeats from this wall, and work some ninja-decoupage-magic on the accent wall, of course!

Drake tried in vain to scrape that wall using the handy-dandy squirt bottle and scraper technique that worked in the dining room, but to no avail.  And so we rented this tool:
It's a wallpaper steamer (in a cake pan) and for our purposes on Saturday, it was magical. 

Do you see that enormous continuous sheet of wallpaper?  It WORKED!  ha ha!!! it worked!  

Now, we just have to de-pink the furniture and reupholster it.  You saw it up there in the pictures, and you thought:

 "Gaw! That room looks AWFUL!  I hate the wallpaper, and the furniture just does not go at all!" 

You didn't think we'd leave the furniture like that, did you?  Finally!  A project for me (Alta)

To Be Continued.... 

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