Thursday, February 4, 2010

Kitchen Counter and Tiles

Inspired by this post over at Young House Love, I decided to measure out the kitchen to see just how much tile we will need, and price out a couple options.

This all needs backsplash, clearly.  And the opposite wall above the counter as well (these pictures are all from our first walk through with the Realtor- pre-purchase)


should we do this whole wall? 


the wall behind the door?

I sized out the walls between the counter and the upper cabinets: 
Square Footage: 34.87 (Length x Height) 

and then the two half-walls-- (where the blue gingham is now)
Square Footage: 34

TOTAL Square Footage: 68.87 (let's just say 70)

If we were to go with the Stainless Steel peel and stick tiles in the post I linked to above, then we would only need 8 packs-- which totals $80.  Very reasonable!  And this would be a very good option if we decided to go with white appliances instead of the stainless steel ones in last week's post.  But if we go with stainless appliances, it's right out.  It might be right out anyway since when I showed Drake he said "I don't like that at all." 
Case closed, I guess.

I would only seriously consider tiling the walls with the peel and stick stainless, because if we go with a glass or porcelain mosaic tile, it would be in constant peril of breaking because of the door and the trash/recycling area.  So the options below are for above the counters only.

So let's look at some other options, shall we?

First, color schemes.  I see two options-- reds and oranges (bright and sunny!) or blues and greens (peaceful and serene!)
Of course much depends on the counters that we choose as well.  Corian? Granite?  We'll get there.

Estimate: $288

Estimate: $252

Estimate: $908

Estimate: $292

Many lovely options!  And I guess that I rather love the idea of round backsplash tiles.  I didn't know that about myself.... 

Let's assume that we're going with stainless appliances, and lets assume that we have light wood floors (which we do underneath the linoleum)  I like wood floors in the kitchen.  I know it is debated on design shows-- but we are what we are: a 100+ year old home, and that's what floors were made of then.  

I think I'm leaning toward the Blue Cloud Porcelain.... the Penny Tiles are so lovely and classic, though.  
What do you think?  

Also, in the spirit of the eternal "Which came first the chicken or egg" question.  Should I choose the Countertops first, or the tiles? 


  1. Oh how I love this blog! I was surprised that I liked the pictures of the stainless stick-on tiles...but I can see some potential drawbacks: will they dent easily? Scratch easily? And in general, are they durable enough to stand the test of time (and hard kitchen living!). I love the tile options...the penny style is so simple yet unique. And countertops! I don't know much, but I do know that my sister-in-law said she'd never get granite again because it can chip. My mother-in-law has always been faithful to Corian.

    Oh my, Lila is currently scolding one of her stuffed animals and she sounds just like me. Yikes!

  2. We decided cabinets and countertops first, but also already knew what our wall color was going to be. He put in granite tiles as countertops and it has worked out great! I know a granite person if you go that route, but we just used tiles from Lowe's. But, you'll see it on Sunday :)


  3. Granite tiles are really trusted of its quality..