Thursday, February 18, 2010


Perhaps you've heard this one before....
When we moved to Michigan from NYC the ONLY thing that I knew I wanted in our new apartment was a dishwasher.  Oh how the realtors laughed! "Where do you live now that you don't have a dishwasher?  Every place here has one, so don't worry."

The dishwasher in our apartment did not work and was not fixed until November, then we bought our house in December, where after running the dishwasher the first day, we discovered that it didn't work.

But now!!  now we have one!  It's the first of many new appliances that will someday adorn our little kitchen.  

After much deliberation and considering your many thoughtful comments,  I went with stainless, though I didn't get the model from that post.  The appliances will match in that they will all be stainless, but they will  not all be the same maker.  I don't think it will be a problem.  

Here it is!

It's a Frigidaire tall tub 5 cycle washer, and it was a present from my Mom.  My mom who loves me a lot, and thinks of my poor dishpan hands. :)  It is running right now in the other room, many thanks to the hard work (harder than anticipated) of a friend's very handy husband who swooped in and dealt with the many surprises that old houses often have in store, such as: 
  • The old dishwasher was "floored in." The flooring is elevated about 3/4" from where the dishwasher sat on the subfloor.  He had to remove the old dishwasher at great personal peril, with many tools and after removing the countertop.  Above and Beyond.  That's all I have to say. That and that I can now refer any Michiganders to a very great handyman.  
So, here is the hole where the old dishwasher was-- do you get the whole "floored in" concept?  

And now with DISHES!!!

I put some clean ones in there just to fill it out.  See how the door doesn't even touch the floor? (The old one was broken, as I mentioned...)

And here it is, running in all it's glory:

Ahhhhhhhh.... sweet mystery of life at last I've found yooouuuuuu

Kitchen remodel step one: COMPLETE!


  1. OK, morning update. The glasses sparkle like DIAMONDS!
    I can't believe what a very poor dishwasher I was.