Friday, September 24, 2010

Nap project: Winterize gardens

Sometimes it's just a half hour, sometimes it's an hour and a half, and I never know in advance which it will be.  My attempts to predict thus far have been wrong.  All wrong.

The potting project was something I did yesterday (30).  Today during his first morning nap (45) I started to winterize the flower gardens.  I think.

I'm not much of a gardener yet... But I did some reading which resulted in my cutting back the peonies (which were damaged due to total neglect.  This happens when you're gone for 10 weeks.) And resulted in my taking out some other dead plant by the garage.  I also weeded-- around the flowers and on our walk-ways.  I also separated out some Black-Eyed Susans and some decorative grasses which were threatening to take over all of the flower beds.

Next up, some overgrown Hostas need pruning, and I think I'll turn or till the soil and mulch.  I hear that you should put hay over perennials in the winter to protect the bulbs.  Do you know anything about this?

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