Wednesday, September 22, 2010


We are governed by many schedules.  Our teaching schedules, our very ambitious and hopeful renovation schedules, but none is so demanding as the nap schedule--that which bends all others to its will.  September   is "Exterior Paint Month" over here, and our list was ambitious.
1. Whitewash Fence
2. Clean/Seal/Stain Back Deck
3. Seal/Stain Front Porch
4. Repair/Paint Shutters
5. Repair/Paint Back Deck Arbor
6. Repair/Paint Front Porch Columns
6. Paint Shed
7. Paint wooden house trim

We thought we really ought to get all of the outside work done before it gets too cold to be outside working happily.  Plus Rowan LOVES it outside, and would prefer to be there than to be anywhere else.  especially napping.  He has taken the liberty of shortening most of his naps to 30 minutes or less.  He always shows great initiative, that boy.  You should also know that he is *this* close to crawling.  Last night when I put him to sleep he pulled up onto his hands and knees and started rocking back and forth (still sleeping).

One or the other of us can work at a time on the weekends, while the other plays with the baby.  Then, during one of his (generous) 30-45 minute naps, both of us can work and we run all around holding ladders and removing/hanging shutters and doing those jobs that you can't do alone.  One thing that you can do alone?  POWERWASH!  It's awesome!  We powerwashed the whole house, some cement and 2 tree stumps.  awesome.

So far we have whitewashed the fence, clean, sealed, stained, reconsidered, cleaned, and planned a re-stain for the backporch, AND repaired and painted 17 shutters and 2 doors (!)

The back deck is its own post-- we chose a cedar color stain which ended up burnt orange (doesn't really go with pink...)

The options were, redo it in white, or paint a giant longhorn on it.
We chose white (with longhorn accessories, that were not so permanent)

I'm waiting to give you the big "reveal" pictures until the white trim work is done, because I know that it's going to really "crisp" the place up, and I want a very dramatic before and after.  But because I can't resist, here's a peek....

See that awning?  a bat lived in there.  Drake found it, and scared it out with a broom. in the daytime.  
I hid with the baby.

And here's one tiny before and after for you.  This one was a nap project of mine :)

Oh just wait till the white is done!! It shall be the perfect canvas for my Halloween and Christmas Exterior Decorating Extravaganza!

I think I have Rowan's costume nailed down, too.  He shall be a frenchman.
Until next nap time, dear readers

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