Thursday, September 9, 2010

Baby Picture of the Week: TEXAS

We had a little word-tour in August which began in the great state of Texas, land of Drake's birth, and land of which I am an honorary citizen.

We had many many people to meet! First of all, we met Grandpa!

The jury is still out on what his "official" name will be.  We're thinking Papa Dan sounds pretty good... You may notice a striking resemblance between the two of them. It is undeniable.
We saw GiGi again!
That's her with Uncle Dale at Mi Cocina.  Oh, how I've missed Mexican Food! especially...

FLAN.  be still, my beating heart

We also met Great-Grandpa Stanley

He is great man, and an excellent golfer.  We had a great time

We also met our Great Grandmother Dantzler and had a big time laughing and playing at her house

Drake's Aunts Carol and Diane threw a party for Rowan in Dallas, so that everyone could come out and meet him, it was at a house that was built around the same time as ours

Except with a really excellent and appropriate staircase (unlike ours)

Why oh why does our staircase look like a 70's ski lodge?  sad.

In any case, Texas was big fun!   We can't wait to come back at Christmas time and see everyone again. 

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