Friday, September 3, 2010

A Great Many Things

That's the problem with having a baby and a house.... there's no time to blog about them!  Now that we have Rowan and he has a tooth I've started to wonder if we would've bought this house had the opportunity come up now rather than pre-baby.  The answer is yes.  yes we would've.  We love it here!  And the more we get to know the area, the more we love it.

Take for example this:

Fresh Peaches from the Farmer's Market every Wednesday.
Or this:
Pie Eating Contest at the Dragon on the Lake Festival.  (And before you ask, I didn't know it was happening so I was too late to register.)  Or this:

The kids got to try out the Fireman's Hose.  Rowan was too little.  Did we just more right in to a Norman Rockwell painting?

(gratuitous cute baby photo)

Next up!  Rowan's World Tour, Meeting the Great Grandparents, Organizing the Kitchen Cupboards, Cleaning/Staining/Re-Cleaning/Painting the Back Deck and more!

We should officially be back to our regularly scheduled posting. Thanks for sticking around :) 

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