Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Order in the Kitchen!

Now that we're back home, we're also Back to School.  I had my first day teaching on September 2nd.  This means that Drake and I are both working, and twice a week Rowan has a sitter.  This also means that she might like to know where things are... ha!

With that in mind I set about to bring order to the kitchen, and here's how it happened.

First I went to Meier-- a great mid-western alternative to Wal-Mart which I LOVE. I bought several things to aid me in my quest:

Brilliant.  The tupperware cabinet was a particular problem.  Not anymore!  behold!

And the whole cabinet now looks like this:

Don't you want to look for something in there, and then find it?  You could!  It would be easy!

Unfortunately I forgot to take a Before picture of this one, so you'll have to imagine that it looked something like this:

Another one of the cabinets that needed a little order-- Blender, pre-natal vitamins, vacuum attachment, coffee and hand sanitizer all in one place.  The process went like this.  Remove all contents:

Then line with contact paper.
Then organize and make this happen:


Yup.  That just happened. A whole cabinet devoted almost exclusively to our three Magic Bullets (I cannot endorse this product enough) 
I am overwhelmed with glee every time I open a cabinet door.

Also noteworthy are the Saran Wrap holder which I installed on the pantry door (Drake installed after watching me struggle) AND the junk drawer organizer.  The junk drawer now has a place for a tape measure, scissors, pens and pencils, sparklers, glue, screws, phone chargers-- the list goes on.  

I cannot tell you how pleased I am with the result.  And the fact that this little guy kept me company in his jumparoo while I worked?  

Big bonus.

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