Wednesday, February 11, 2009

World's Tiniest Solo at Carnegie Hall :)

Just found out that I'll be singing the Alto Solo in The Creation this weekend at Carnegie Hall, which is of course exciting. It literally is a total of four measures in a quartet, but heck, it's Carnegie Hall and Helmuth Rilling, so I'm thrilled.

It's been a fun week, and a totally different way of using my voice. I haven't sung a lot of choral music lately, so it's been fun to freshen up on that skill set. It can be very very different from opera, and definitely is in this case. It makes me want to dust off my volumes of Schubert and Brahms and rework some of the German pieces that I haven't sung in 10 years since German Camp.

Ah German Camp, the hallowed halls of Middlebury College where we all signed a pledge to speak only German for 8 weeks one lovely summer... 4 hours of grammar and between 1-4 of music each day, and voice lessons in German. All I remember from my first lesson is the idea of "Flugzeug Ohren" (airplane ears...) My teacher, of course, had to mime it for me as my terminology on day one was shoddy.... and Flugzeug was not on our vocab list.


  1. HOLY COW!!! First the Lincoln Center and now CARNEGIE HALL!!! Girl, what will you do next?

  2. Next, I will knit a sweater for Kavi ;)