Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Quick morning update

Drake and I are currently in a workshop at Carnegie Hall, and it's great fun. It's like vacation week for us. We start rehearsals at 10 am and don't finish up until 9 pm, hence my general absence from blogging. At night we come home and watch Big Love (we're now on Season Two) and talk about what a very bad idea "plural marriage" would be in our particular case. (And most cases, let's be frank.)

So we spend the day at Carnegie Hall, lunch in Central Park, get dinner out somewhere in midtown, sometimes practice a bit on the dinner hour or for instance get Thai food with Ashley, and then rehearse some more! It's fun, and I am coming to appreciate Haydn's Creation. Also, sometimes I work on my sock, although when they voiced us, they put me right in the front, so there's no knitting for me during rehearsals. just during master classes and such where I can hide...

Had three great sessions this week, and I can't wait to post some pictures from that. I have a new lens that is AWESOME! and! my brother Joe came out to be my assistant on the last one and I now realize that I can't possibly shoot with out him, so hopefully he will be available for all of my shoots and not be too terribly bored with holding lights and reflectors (and cooking eggs-- he cooked us egg sandwiches)

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  1. leave it to Joe to be a helpful hand... so what is this new musical extravaganza you are doing?