Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Alta needs...

Originally uploaded by Alta Marie
My dear friend MoMP posted a lovely meme today wherein you type your name followed by the word "needs" (i.e. Alta needs) into Google and post verbatim the first 10 hits- which for me are as follows:

1. Alta needs to go overtime to avoid historic loss
(I work enough. If I'm to suffer an historic loss, let be it done unto me.)
2. Alta needs a rally to down Beetdiggers.
(I never liked beets...)
3.Alta needs more income-based apartments due to the fact of incomes here are becoming lower and bills are becoming higher.
4. Alta needs to get tougher on oilfield gas emissions
5. Alta needs help to replace its ski chalet.
(Please, people, think of the ski chalet!)
6. Alta needs more touches such as these.
(brilliant. just brilliant)
7. Alta needs to decide if the Estate can use the Town’s sewer system.
(it's unfortunate that my name is so highly linked to banal real-estate-ish items)
8. Alta needs some tags. Everyone benefits!
9. Alta needs elite wins
10. ALTA needs to help energize communities
(c'mon people now, smile on your brother, everybody get together try to love one another right nowww....;)


  1. thanks for the shout out. i love your list :) smooches!