Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pete's Candy Store Spelling Bee

Our friend Wilson is a wonderful pianist. We frequently coach with him here in the city. Not as obvious, perhaps, is that he is *literally* the best adult speller in New York. He won the title last year, and is primed to win it again this year.

Every other Monday night, there is an adult spelling bee at Pete's Candy Store in our hood. We've now attended a total of three times, and Wilson has won every single time. They've started giving his prizes to other people. In this article in Vanity Fair they call him "a mysterious fellow who was dressed in a grey sweater with a swiss army-like cross across the chest." This makes me laugh, because if I were to describe him I would say something like "a beastly speller with a quiet charm." Who CARES about his sweater?? :)

It's a fun night all around. We arrived too late to sign up to participate in the bee this time. I've gotten to round two before, but never the final round-- I'm just not that kind of speller. I do enjoy the cookies and juice boxes that you get as a prize when you are eliminated. Drake has not dared enter. This is for the best.

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