Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My new favorite thing (of the moment) on the web

This is almost better than puppies, but in a reality show way, not in a cute way. DO NOT click on this link if you don't want to waste a good portion of your day wondering
1. If these people are for real
2. Why this type of trash is such an endless source of amusement.

On this site, people write out their side of a story, then send an invite to the person that they're in conflict with and invite them to do the same. After both sides are gathered, they are put up to the community to vote. My favorite so far?
Abge and Brian. A married couple. They've been married for 27 years or some such. She suspects him of an affair, (on substantial evidence) He says it's all in her head. Normal stuff for such a site. BUT! They are allowed to post updates as the votes come in and here's one of hers.

""Brian I think the results speak for themselves don't you? Being in hospital for the last 5 days has really made me think, even though I have temporarily lost my short term memory, I can still think Brian! Also my memory is improving all the time even if a little hazy, I am not stupid Brian.

I saw the way you looked at that nurse 'Sonia' when you came to visit me yesterday, what was it you put in her hand? I saw you and I saw the way you smiled at her! You really have a nerve don't you. But if you think you are something think again, when you smiled a dribble of saliva came out of the edge of your mouth, you looked like a dirty old man, that's what I saw, a dirty old man chatting up a 23 year old nurse, you should be ashamed of yourself, I most certainly am.

I am just so cross right now. I wasn't going to bother updating but since coming out of hospital and being crippled with my ankle you still continue to go out. Where are you going Brian? yesterday you went to get a loaf of bread at 2pm and you returned at 9pm with lipstick on your collar...or was it really rust from the fire engine you said you had helped push up Crannolk Hill when Maggie was trapped in her car? And how come you were that side of town? Anyway I thought Maggie had gone to Stoke.

Melanie said she wouldn't be surprised if you had left the tool box at the top of the stairs on knew I was in the bath you bloody idiot.

As for nurse Sonia, she told me you had given her a voucher for Avon, you back doing that again are you? Why Avon Brian???""

Seriously, Brian. Why Avon.
I am now convinced that this whole site is fabricated, but that doesn't mean that I won't check in. Just wait till you read what Brian had to say that.

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  1. apparently, there is lots to do at the bank.