Saturday, July 7, 2012

New summer house plans

One day you wake up and it's July!
Original summer plan (with some things even accomplished!):
  • fix shed (paint, new door, new lighting fixture, new windows, roof)
  • dig up dead arborvitaes, replant 2 new ones, mulch landscape area between garage and shed
  • install fence for play area in back yard
  • repair/repaint the shutters
  • replace lighting fixture with motion sensor in back porch area
  • stain/seal front porch
  • repaint gingerbread work on porch
  • upholster living room furniture (in progress!)
  • remove plaid shag carpet form back stairs and paint (YES!)
  • remove beige shag carpet from master bedroom
  • install new hardwood floor/paint linoleum in master bedroom. It's classier than you think, see here
  • organize every inch of life. (this item will seemingly NEVER be checked off.)
And the maybe list:
  • cut out half wall between kitchen and dining room
  • build bar at cut-out
  • replace stove/fridge
  • replace washer dryer (perhaps move to basement?)
  • redesign laundry room based on presence/absence of new washer/dryer
  • paint/reupholster the dining room furniture 
  • insulate/seal basement
We decided to take a breather from house projects for various reasons so I hereby declare the month of July August-project-planning-month.  I've never been very good at estimating how long it takes to complete projects.  I have a very unrealistic expectation of what can be accomplished during naptime.  If I were to rank the projects above from highest to lowest priority based solely on what *I* want, and with a blatant disregard for budget imposed boundaries the list would look like this.

  • kitchen/dining room wall cutout and bar
  • new flooring in Master Bedroom 
  • paint/reupholster Dining Room furniture
  • reupholster Living Room furniture 
  • clean up landscaping
  • (shed of course, because of the whole ordinance-police-might-take-us-to-court thing)
  • redesign laundry room
  • insulate/seal basement (if only to prevent nature from penetrating my happy home.  more on that soon)
The problem with that is the most important item (new appliances) takes all of our budget and none of our time-- and August is all about having a bit of time.  SO if I were to use more time and less budget it would go (are you still reading this?  is the internet that empty of interesting things? :) 
  • organize 
  • paint/reupholster DR furniture (with new paint sprayer!  I love it!  I owe the blog a post about my love of our paint sprayer.  soon, I promise)
  • reupholster LR 
  • clean up landscaping
  • repair shutters
  • shed so we don't go to court
  • remove carpet, paint BR floor
  • stain seal front porch
  • repaint gingerbread
then as time/money permits over the course of the fall:
  • insulate/seal/organize (never finished, remember) basement
  • replace appliances as possible
  • eventually cut out half wall etc
  • once washer dryer stuff is purchased and in place redesign laundry room.  
Now that's shaping up!  Let's see how far we get with the list above!  


  1. Nice post. Thanks for sharing useful information.

  2. Why would they take you to court over the shed????

    -Halie :)

  3. Because it is an "eyesore." Not joking. :)

  4. ohhhhhh the Lake Orion ordinance officers. They're so fun....we had them around a lot when I was growing up because my dad and brother had "too many cars." Apparently you have to drive EVERY car that you park in your

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