Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Back yard plans

Now that Rowan is a bit more active it's time to start looking outdoors... This summer we're hoping to install a fence in a section of the backyard so that they can both play outside without us worrying about them running into the street...

There's more to it than what is in the picture, including one of the giant trees that was planted when the house was built and a little rock garden where we planted some unsuccessful pumpkins this year.  
If you can manage to look past my pregnant-ness (Rowan- back in April 2010), you can see more of the part we're talking about here: 

For this summer, we're thinking a play area like this

From everything I've read in reviews it's perfect for two year olds :)  I'm sure that we'll graduate to something much bigger but I think this will be perfect for this summer.  

And just because Drake really likes to build, and I really like to sit, maybe something like this from www.ana-white.com

And a little something for the kiddos to sit on too :) 

Drake has plans to connect the fence to the back porch area so that they can come and go from the house too.   Should be great fun!

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